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The Bentley Continental Rollover

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Bentley Continental Rollover Dining Billiard table - playing
Bentley Continental Rollover Dining Billiard table
Bentley Continental Rollover Dining Billiard table
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The Bentley Continental Rollover is a fabulous combination of one of our most successful designs
with the precision engineered Rollover mechanism that we are renowned for.
A dual-purpose table that is truly stunning as a dining table, and also as a top quality pool or snooker table.
The tables shown were hand made in our Wiltshire workshops,
one from solid Oak with beautiful Rippled Ash veneers, the other from solid American Black Walnut,
both have 7ft x 3ft 6" italian slates, west-of-england wool cloth & bright nickel details on plinths and cushion rails.

Available in three sizes (see below), the Continental Rollover features a precision-engineered safety mechanism enhancing the ease & elegance with which the table rolls over to transform a beautiful dining
conference table into a top-quality playing table.
The billiard table is a single slate bed with solid wood frame & cushions,
full-size pool
or snooker rubbers, hand covered in English wool cloth.

The dining table is a solid timber frame with solid top or beautiful inlaid panels.
The choice of woods, metals, legs, style, finish, cloth colour, pocket leather...
is yours. 

Contact us for more details, pricing information
& a full colour brochure.

slate sizes: 6' x 3', 7' x 3'6", 8' 4' provide approximate dining sizes of :
8' x 4'4", 9' x 4'10" and 10' x 5'10" (see also, our Table Sizing Guide)

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