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The Bentley Spur

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Bentley Spur Oak pool table
Bentley Spur Pool table
Bentley Spur Grey Ash Pool table
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The Bentley Spur is a strikingly simple and contemporary design, made beautiful by its clean lines and the focus on the wood grain itself and your choice of finish, whether natural, veneered, painted or stained.

The table shown is hand made in our Wiltshire workshops, from solid Ash,
with a 7ft x 3ft 6" slate, Navy cloth and bright nickel details on plinths and cushion rails.

Available in all UK & US slate sizes, including 6' x 3' UK pub pool table size,
9ft Tournament US and 12ft x 6ft full size snooker, or Russian Pyramid table.
(for overall dimensions add approx 8" to length and breadth.
see also, our Table Sizing Guide)

The billiard table is a single slate bed with solid wood frame & cushions,
full-size pool
or snooker rubbers, hand covered in English wool cloth.
The choice of woods, metals, legs, style, finish, cloth colour, pocket leather...
is yours. Contact us for more details, pricing information & a full colour brochure.

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