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Choosing the right size of table for your room is very important and you should always remember to allow a certain amount of cueing space. Usually we recommend about 5' all the way around the table to allow for full length snooker cues, less for small 'made to measure' cues. For smaller tables, particularly for Pool,  a 48" cue is often sufficient, so the minimum room size required is less.

To help you we've provided a quick and easy way to see what size table matches your room size. Just choose the nearest minimum room size for the type of table you require and we'll give you an idea of the type of table you could consider.

NB: for the Size-finder to function you may need to allow active content for this page

Our suggestions detail tables from our range of custom made dual-purpose, adjustable height Dining/Billiard tables
If you require a fixed height playing table, just use the recommended table size and choose from our range of Antique or Designer & custom tables.

MINIMUM size of room

Suggested type of table

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